Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Med's

After being referred to several different Dr. for Carter's ASD we finally got to go to Primary's. We seen a Medication specialist and I guess medications in children with ASD do the opposite. We took him off all the meds he had been on in the past. I quite giving him everything because of they way he felt. They put him on a blood pressure medicine. I had my suspicion's with it as well as no sleep (had to make sure he was still alive). Well Carter can Snore, even without adenoids! He has more energy and is up bright and early (5:00 this morning). He says he fells better then he has ever felt. I guess the blood pressure pills help with the sleep so he has more energy during the day. Children with ASD are often diagnosed with ADHD-H when in reality it is just the effects of ASD. I am so glad this Dr. knew what she was doing and could answer a lot of my questions and not tell me I need a therapy dog like the other one!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to teach what we learn.

I have just learned that I need to help Carter learn common sense. How do you teach someone something you never had to learn your self?

The other night he was getting ready to go out to dinner with his friend. Dinner was at 6:00 and I made the mistake of telling him at 4:00 (as a bribe to get him to clean his room) he did nothing for the next hour but count down the minutes. So the second hour I caved and made him watch cartoons. Before he left I noticed he was sniffing. I told him to blow his nose so he wasn't sniffing at dinner, never thought anymore about it. Today Carter came up to me and told me I was right. I asked him what I was right about. He said that if he blew his nose he wouldn't have to sniff. I wish that I could have taught him that when he was two! All it took was to explain why and just do it.

I often say that I never signed up for this. It makes you realize how much we take for granted all that God created including ourselves.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First day of school

Sorry hun I know you LOVE it when I take pictures like this but I am to tired to figure it out.
He is the kids first day of school pics.

It kills me to send this one off to school when he begs me not to. I hope and pray that it will get better with time, His day was normal " horrible".
Here is Shay's first day.

She told me in the hallway. "I will See you later Mom" She looked tired but said she had fun. It is so much easier sending a kid to school who likes it!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Kofford Reunion

Rex playing the 4 note harmonica

Grown ups with Cree'l dancing to YMCA.

Sheila's boys

Grandpa Carter acting out Clearance Kofford (with grandma's hands)

Ducks and Fishing with Tara

This is how we fish without dad.

walking in the water

Trying to catch a duck

Feeding the Ducks

Day Camp

Look who we found..
I want to build one of these

unsure of the boat

checking out the rockets

Early morning

Cabin with Grandma

Building a path

PLaying cards. It was cold this weekend.

The kids all went in the cabin and when we came back in ALL the glow sticks were open.